Written December 21, 2010.

We hear it (and say it) often: “I have a great job, a nice house, and a new car. . . I’m so blessed.” Not that there’s anything wrong with crediting God for your 55-inch screen TV, because he allowed your circumstances to be such that you could acquire these material “blessings.” But what about poverty-stricken Christians in third-world countries? Are they not as blessed as you are? It’s easy to answer yes to that question, but that prompts a second question: Doesn’t it seem like God’s blessings should be directly proportional to the amount of love He has for someone? And from there, of course, you have to venture into the murky waters of “Does God favor some people more than others?” So then you have to retrace your steps and rethink your answer to the first question. It’s a tricky thing, saying that your house and car make you “blessed”, because it’s easy to forget the implications of such a statement.

Yeah, you have all this nice stuff, but is that what makes you “blessed”? I can’t help but wonder if God is disgusted by our assumption that He gives us this stuff because He loves us. There are all types of Christians with varying degrees of success and wealth: some with “blessings” and some without.

Why do the mentally retarded homeless people who sell The Contributor always tell you that they’re blessed? You say, “God blessed me with intelligence” – and they still say they’re blessed without it. You say, “I’m blessed because I make 6 digits a year” – and they say they’re blessed as they freeze their butts off selling papers for $1. Why?!

It’s very simple: they haven’t been blinded by fake “blessings”. They understand that blessings are not situational. They realize the one thing – the one blessing – that all Christians have in common: salvation in Christ. Rich, poor, healthy, sick, content, hurting – we are all united by the shared blessing of unshakable joy that is independent of circumstances. And nothing can take that joy away!

I’m blessed; are you?

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