Letting Go

Written March 22, 2011.

Maybe you’re a parent, and this is your child. Maybe it’s a sibling. Maybe it’s a spouse. Maybe it’s a friend.

But you stand, blinded by tears, in the middle of the road, your hand outstretched as if in a final desperate effort to hold on. The person you care about more than anything else is walking away, beginning their journey down a long and painful road that you know leads to a dead end. You want to cry out, “No! Stop!”, but you know the decision has been made. They are deaf to your pleas, numb to your pain. They unwittingly trample your breaking heart as they walk away. You have to let go.

You can cry until you can no longer breathe. You can run until your heart is about to burst inside your chest. You can pray until your knees are raw and bloody. But you can’t make their decisions for them. Even if it kills you, you have to stand watching with hands tied as the person you love throws away the best years of their life. You have to let go.

You have tried so hard to live their life for them that you have bypassed your own. You have invested so much emotional energy into this person that you feel completely drained and empty as you realize that it was all for naught. It meant nothing. You hardly know how to pick up the pieces of your life and move on without them as they make decisions that you know will only hurt them. But you have to let go.

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