Lord, Is That Good Enough?

Written February 26, 2011.

Dear Lord, I know You said to sell all my possessions and give to the poor. So I bought a copy of The Contributor from a homeless person standing on the street corner today; Lord, is that good enough?

I know You said to love my enemies, so I don’t spread any false rumors about them (only true ones, and it’s not to be spiteful, it’s only so people see my side of the story), and I don’t take opportunities for revenge. I don’t want to forget what they did to me, so I stay angry, but I try not to hate them; Lord, is that good enough?

I know You said to forgive seventy times seven. Even though I know that was hyperbole, and even though it’s obviously a bad idea to set yourself up for more hurt and disappointment, I still gave someone a third chance today (of course, they blew that one too, so it’s over). Lord, is that good enough?

I know You said not to pass judgment on others, so whenever I notice someone fitting into a stereotype, I keep my opinions to myself instead of gossiping about them. Lord, is that good enough?

I know You said to take up my cross and follow You. But those beams look really heavy and I haven’t worked out lately, and it looks like I could get a pretty nasty splinter if I tried to pick it up. So I wore a pretty white gold cross with diamonds around my neck today. That way, when people asked about it, I could tell them why I was wearing it and that’s how they would know I was with You. Too bad no one noticed it — oh, that’s why, it fell down the inside of my blouse where no one could see it. How did that happen? Oh well, at least I knew I was wearing it — Lord, is that good enough?

I know You said to go and make disciples of all nations. But I’m terrified of flying, and Christians are persecuted in other countries. I know I’m worth more to You alive than suffering and dying for Your glory, but I wanted to do something, so I told my cashier at Wal-Mart that You love her. She looked confused, but I was in a hurry, and I knew she could find out about You some other way if she really wanted to. So I left without explaining, but I did pray for her briefly as I drove away. Lord, is that good enough?

I know You said to “be perfect”. I’m above average; I’m a law-abiding citizen and I even go to church most Sundays. Lord, is that good enough?

Lord, what’s wrong? Why are You crying? Wait…what? Of course You know me, Lord! Lord, I — wait! Don’t shut the door! Lord, I worked hard to get into heaven! Why are You shutting me out? Lord, wasn’t I good enough?

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