Reflecting All Wavelengths

Written January 8, 2011.

Everyone understands the symbolism of a bride wearing white at her wedding, signifying that she is chaste and untouched; white is the color of purity. From a scientific standpoint, rather than absorbing all wavelengths of light, white reflects all and is untainted by other colors.

The truly pure people of this world operate by the same principle. Outwardly focused, internalizing nothing, they allow their hearts to be continuously cleansed from the inside out. Retaining no impurity, they do not allow their character to be stained by the imperfections of this world. Neither do they keep to themselves God’s grace or the love which He so freely gives; they in turn reflect the light of Christ to the world, unselfishly sharing that with which they have been blessed. They keep nothing inside and have nothing to conceal; as they reflect light, their purity and sincerity shine through them, brightening a dark world in which all wavelengths are absorbed.

This is all hypothetical, of course, because no one is truly pure. To some extent, the world has left its mark on all of us. Our humanity is revealed the first time we fail; we begin to internalize doubt, guilt, fear, and everything that is ugly in this black and sin-stained world. As we absorb these things and let them take over in our lives, the white color of purity becomes slowly streaked with the wavelengths of the world, progressively darkening to black. Once we have been contaminated by the world, we cannot purify ourselves. There is no man-made stain remover or bleach that can restore the condition of a previously clean heart.

There is only one who can transform us into a radiant white. Transferring the blackness of our souls onto Himself, He absorbed everything: all of the sin, all of the shame, all of the regret that characterizes our lives. He took it all upon Himself so that there was nothing left to absorb – so that you as His bride could be clothed in white. Will you choose to reflect?

Isaiah 1:18“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.”

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