The Fairy Tale

Written March 22, 2011.

The princesses in the fairy tales were a constant source of envy to me. Undiminished by time, rather than fading as I outgrew the Disney phase, the envy I felt became a desperate longing, a burning desire within me to experience the same happily after ever that characterized the lives of my idol princesses – especially Sleeping Beauty, the one whose charmed life I longed to live. Growing older, seeing relationships crumble around me and experiencing for myself the pain of a trusting heart broken by a shallow imitation of love and a “happy ending” turned sour, I began to think in despair that perhaps the stories I held so dear to my heart were only fairy tales after all, unattainable by an average girl like me.

Though the expectation was gone, the desire remained, rooting itself in the bittersweet resignation of my heart. Did there really exist a love so powerful that, as for Sleeping Beauty, it could reach through the darkness, conquer evil, and wake me from the curse, resurrecting my dream from its dormant state?

It did exist. And it found me. I never knew the depth of the feeling I had longed for till I awakened to look into his eyes for the first time. The intensity of love I saw reflected there took my breath away. I was cursed, yet he found me valuable. It had been my own choice to touch the enticing spindle that had laid me here in death, yet he came for me anyway. He, like Prince Phillip, braved thorns to undo the power of the curse. He fought the evil powers of darkness to rescue me from the palace that once seemed so attractive but was now nothing more than a decaying dungeon from which I could not escape. Armed only with a love so strong that its purpose could not be overcome, he was willing to sacrifice anything to make a dead girl his princess.

It took him three days to fight his way through the barriers that the curse – really, that my own foolish actions – had erected around me. I was far from beautiful by the time he reached me, yet he did not hesitate even for a moment before bending down to breathe new life into my cold and graying lips. The moment my eyes fluttered open and I saw love for the first time, I knew that the fairy tales were true. And I knew that, this time, there would be a happily ever after.

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