The Masquerade of Life

Written December 16, 2010.

Perfection once existed in the tranquility of a garden before the fall of humanity. Characterized by openness, honesty, and trust, the relationship between the first two people on earth was unmarred by false impressions. They were on the same level: both vulnerable, both unafraid and trusting. Yet in one crucial moment of painful self-awareness, they became “afraid because they were naked; so they hid.”

Thus began the Masquerade of Life: the desperate scramble to conceal our imperfections, our insecurities, and our weaknesses before anyone else can spot them. For milennia, the pattern has continued. We, like they, fear exposure; so we hide behind the safety of a mask, trading reality for a game of blind man’s bluff. We exist in an alternate reality, shadowed by the threat of rejection if we expose our true selves. To defend ourselves, we spend our lives creating and projecting the image that we want everyone else to see, when it is this very superficiality that makes our lives begin to crumble from the inside out.

Ironic, isn’t it, how feigning perfection lures us farther and farther away from that unattainable ideal? We all waste our time chasing the same thing, trying to impress the people who are trying to impress us, when if we all dispensed with the facades and reduced ourselves to the lowest common denominator, we would all find ourselves on equal footing. No one attains perfection with these masquerades; perfection is found in simplicity, which stems from transparency. As long as transparency is traded for image, the distant concept of perfection will remain beyond our reach.

But who will be the first to strip away the carefully crafted layers and stand, exposed and vulnerable, before the masked faces of the world? Who will be the first to risk judgmental eyes glaring through their open and transparent sincerity? I wish I could say that it will be me. But in all honesty, it probably won’t be. Because, like all of us, I discovered early on in life that vulnerability leads to rejection and embarrassment. I have learned along with the rest of the world that the only defense is to hide behind a clever facade.

Who will be the first?

No one?

And so it continues… the Masquerade of Life.

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