The Price

Written November 23, 2010.

Value is an interesting concept. What is worthless to one man may be priceless to another. The value of an item, then, is subjective; its worth is equal to whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Thus it is not the quality of the item itself that determines value, but the opinion of the buyer.

It becomes routine for us to casually assign values and prices to various items, mentally sizing up and labeling everything that meets our eye. Yet this subconscious habit is not limited to packaged and shelved products; all too often we assign worth to human beings, attempting to fit them to our pricing standard. At first glance, we judge; and our judgments are as quick as the time it takes to forget that every human being is made in the image of God.

Have you ever seen someone and automatically felt in some way superior? If, as I did, you unhesitatingly answered “yes” to that question, I need prove my point no further; it proves itself. We are all guilty of split-second judgments. Are our judgments ever fair, though? Are we, in fact, superior to the depraved sinner who offends and disgusts our sense of propriety? To answer that question, another must first be answered: What determines the worth of a person?

Answer: The buyer. Not the appearance or the quality of a person, but the price paid. On a hill outside Jerusalem two thousand years ago, the worth of every person, from the beginning of the world to the end, was determined with finality. As the blood of Jesus stained the rough wood, it covered and obliterated the amounts on every man-made price tag ever pinned to a person’s soul. As it dripped to the ground and pooled at the foot of the cross, it became the value of every saint, of every orphaned child, of every incarcerated criminal and depraved sinner. It became the price for you.

Matthew 7:1Do not judge, or you too will be judged.

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