Through the Eyes of a Kite

Written March 9, 2011.

I feel myself slipping back down to earth against my will, farther and farther from the sky for which I am so desperately reaching. I have no control over the force of gravity, for I am only a puppet in the world to which I am tethered. The cursed fate to which I am subjected is this: to hover between two worlds, suspended in the expanse between earth and heaven, controlled by the capricious fancies of every breeze by which I am caught. Made to fly yet held captive, bound to the earth by a string yet unable to find rest there, I am out of place wherever I find myself. I belong nowhere; I dance restlessly at the end of my string, anxious to satisfy the longing I feel for something more, for what is tantalizingly beyond my reach.

Pulled in every direction, I am beginning to show the wear of the buffeting wind. My bright color is fading, my stitching raveling. Yet the closer I come to the end of the life I have spent enslaved to the limitations of earth and the whims of its children who laugh as they tug me ever downward, the more rapidly my liberation approaches. Even now I feel as though I could almost touch the clouds and reach their silver lining. Oh, indecisive string, blown here and there and frayed by the winds of conflicting desire, what a joyful day it will be when your threads snap and cut your ties to the world. Then I will be free.

Dia tou Christou — through Christ.

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