Untamed Spirit

I cannot be tamed; my restless heart, ever wandering, cannot be tied down.  I am independent; you will find that the tighter you hold onto me, the more easily I slip away, like sand through clenched fingers.  I am difficult to handle; if you try to tighten my reins, I will take the bit in my teeth and jerk them from your hands, leaving a painful rope burn across your palm (sorry, guys, that’s just the way I am…lol).

 Once free, I live with abandon.  I constantly reach for what is beyond my grasp; my eyes search the horizon for what lies just out of sight.  It is this compelling desire to find something more that drives me onward, unpredictable as the wind and just as free, unbound by human expectations. 

My heart surrenders only to one, for He has not bound me.  He does not attempt to control me nor to crush my spirit; neither does He grovel and place himself beneath me.  He leads me with strength, and I willingly follow without compromising my passion and my freedom.  My wild and unbridled heart finds rest in Him; it is this very submission that gives wings to my untamed spirit.

Dia tou Christou — through Christ.

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