Written November 24, 2010.

Proverbs 4:23 says to guard your heart. Yet often, God is the one from whom you most diligently guard it. You don’t want God to see the condition of your heart with all its scars, and so you put walls up. Your days are spent layering bricks to defend your calloused heart, fearing that to feel again would be to hurt again. For the moment, it is far easier to push feelings to the back of your mind, sear your emotions to block out pain, and continue building the wall. Your tears dry with the mortar; your heart hardens with the bricks. Your only defense against pain is numbness; so you continue to build, brick by heavy brick, your foreboding wall of indifference. A small, nearly buried part of you wishes that you could let down your guard, that you could be sincere and transparent again. But the breakdown of the wall is painful, and because life continues to move on, you have neither the time nor the energy to go through the process. The only response is to keep building and remain numb as long as possible.

Yet your wall cannot stand forever. The God who destroyed the fortress of Jericho is just as capable of dismantling your defense mechanisms. The God of the universe wants your heart, and no pile of rocks can keep Him from pursuing you. He sees the damage that the world has done to the tender heart He created, and He longs to heal the scars. He is willing to sacrifice anything to reach through the wall and hold the heart that has become so calloused and hardened… to heal the heart that He loves.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus began to tear down the wall. As the nails were driven through His hands, the sound of His agonized cry made the structure tremble. As the cross was lifted up and shoved into the earth, the mortar began to disintegrate. With every drop of blood and every ragged breath, Jesus willed the barrier to fall. And in the hazy light of dawn on the day of His resurrection, the broken seal of the tomb was not the only displaced stone.

Any fear of vulnerability, any pain of exposed scars, is inconsequential in light of the complete healing and restoration He offers. He will stop at nothing to win your heart; He gave everything He had to tear down the wall.

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