For the Whole World

Next thought from the book of 1st John; this one kinda popped out at me in a way it never had before and really convicted me about the way I tend to look down on others.

1st John 2:2“He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours, but also for the sins of the whole world.”

Honestly, it’s hard to remind ourselves of that sometimes. Too often, I think, we unknowingly pervert the gospel by making it about us. Our intentions are often fine, but it can easily become an attitude of self-centeredness. One such example of unintentionally stimulating this mindset is the popular phrase, “personal Savior.” It’s a good thing to consider the personal aspect of your relationship with Christ; still, too often repeating “Jesus is my personal Savior!” without reminding yourself that Jesus is everyone’s “personal Savior”, can encourage feelings of superiority. Because let’s be honest, we can get conceited really fast.

It rolls off the tongue very easily to proclaim that Jesus is your Savior, but is it just as easy to tell the less-than-wonderful members of society that Jesus is their personal Savior? Or do we want to keep Him to ourselves and away from the depraved people of the world? Do we invite Him to eat with us and then take offense when He socializes with the “tax collectors and sinners”?

Lest we develop a mindset of “it’s all about ME”, John saw fit to add a disclaimer: Yes, Jesus died for you. But He also died for every single person you’ve ever made eye contact with. And every person you’ve turned your eyes away from.

Realize that you’re no more precious to God than the least of these. Reread the verse, but instead of skimming over it, let it take you down a couple of notches and open your eyes to view others the way Christ does.

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