Me…in Progress

This will be a shocker to most of you, so I hope you’re sitting down, but…I’m not perfect. I’m not the smartest girl, the prettiest girl, or the nicest girl. I’m not always self-confident when I need to be, and I’m not always humble when I ought to be. Sometimes I pick the wrong time to say things, and sometimes I say entirely the wrong thing. I don’t always know the best way to fix things, so sometimes when I mess things up they stay that way. I can be kind of immature, and I can be kind of hypocritical. I often take one step forward and two steps back.

And sometimes I get really, really angry at myself for not being perfect. I hate that people see the process instead of the end result — me in progress, rather than me in perfection. I get really embarrassed when I screw up, sometimes to the point that I don’t even want to try anymore, and sometimes I’d rather just burn my bridges because I hate people seeing me at my worst, and because sometimes when I see them it reminds me of how stupid I’ve been in the past. But obviously that would be a dumb thing to do, because most of them still love me anyway.

Maybe because they know how it feels. Maybe they’re in progress too. Because really, isn’t the entire point of life to work our way to the next one? I’m not perfect yet. But I’m working towards a goal. So if I do something really dumb…or say something out of place…or somehow make you angry…please don’t hold it against me. Because that’s not me. That’s me in progress.

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