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Ephesians 4:2“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

At first glance, because of the way society has taught us to view these traits, this makes love sound rather like a doormat. But there is a beautiful strength behind each of these words that, when understood correctly, makes love sound a bit more like…armor.

Humility is a kind of transparency — it sees things the way they are. It is not prideful, but neither does it grovel. Humility is characterized by quiet strength and dignity. Defensiveness shows uneasiness; humility takes tremendous security, because it acknowledges that your worth is not based on others’ opinions.

Gentleness builds on humility. Humility is the attitude; gentleness is the action. It is understanding and responding to the needs of others in a way that builds them up. Gentleness takes confidence; only the strong can strengthen the weak.

Patience takes both humility and gentleness, along with a determination to persevere. People are going to screw up; the question is whether you are you secure enough to let offense go, and strong enough to wait on them while they figure it out.

Love encompasses all of these characteristics; loving someone unconditionally just might be the hardest thing you can do. But actively practicing this kind of love builds character — and it builds relationships that will withstand anything.

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