Grace Regardless

Galatians 6:4“Each one should test his own actions…without comparing himself to somebody else.”

Our tendency as humans is to compare everything we see against everything else we have already seen. We compare products and brands. We compare prices and values. Which is better? Which is worth more? Yet we don’t draw the line at material objects; far too frequently we compare people against other people. We even compare ourselves against others, often to make ourselves feel better about our own inappropriate actions. If others have done worse, we feel somehow justified even though in the wrong.

But comparisons will get us nowhere. “Relative” means nothing. God will judge each of us individually as though we are the only ones being judged. We will not be compared with Hitler so that we look like decent citizens judged against the standards of his evil actions. We will be measured by our own merit against the standards of a holy God. Attempting to justify ourselves by comparison will only highlight the failure of our pitiful efforts to measure up, for in the end we all fall short, and there is nothing we can do to make up the difference.

Thank God that Christ didn’t give grace on the basis of comparison. He gave it freely to all of us, not relative to merit but regardless of it. He made up the difference for each of us, whether we fell short by an inch or a mile; no matter who we are or where we’ve been, His grace alone is enough.

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