A Story Never Written

Each of us has a story. Written in our own handwriting, some pages spotted with tears of the journey, our stories are uniquely ours and a testament of our lives to everyone around us. The days of our lives flow onto the pages like the smooth ink of a pen, leaving our mark upon the world. Some stories are emotionally charged, fast-paced roller coaster rides, while others are like informative textbooks. Some seem like fairy tales. Others, sadly, read more like tragedies or horror stories. And some are cut short without a satisfactory ending as the world mourns an early death.

But by far the saddest stories are those that are but empty covers with a collapsing spine where the pages should be. There is no title page. The author has no name on the cover, and there are no pictures in the book by which to recognize his or her identity. There is nothing. This story, like all stories, was supposed to change the world by its unique plot, but its pages were ripped out and burned. The world will never see what was meant to be.

 Those hundreds of pages that should have been filled with stories of birthdays and first dates and school and friends and life were exchanged for a single sentence in another person’s story: “I decided to have an abortion.”

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