Isaac — Prophecy in Action

A boy’s eyes, clouded with panic, searched the sky for some means of salvation. His lips moved wordlessly in a desperate prayer as his father slowly sharpened his blade. Surely the God of his ancestors, who had parted the Red Sea, could save him. Had not his own father told him the stories? Surely it was within His power to cut the ropes that bound him to this altar. Yet no help seemed forthcoming. Instinctively flinching from the impending pain of death, the boy shut his eyes and cried out, “God, where are you?”

The eyes of the Lord were fastened on the boy, stretched out and bound as an atoning sacrifice. His cry echoed in the ears of God as the voice of His own son: “Why have you forsaken me?” The sharp blade of the knife glistened in the morning sun just as the spear that would be raised to pierce the body of Christ.

Feeling in His heart the agony of a father’s protective instinct, His heart breaking for the boy’s fear and his father’s pain, God raised His voice. “Abraham!”

It was not yet Isaac’s time. As Abraham unbound his son, God provided a sacrifice of His own. It was not the last time He would do so, for His promise to Abraham revealed that this test was but a foreshadowing of the atonement to come: “Through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed.”

For through Isaac would come the true Sacrifice. The One for whom no intercession would be made. The One who would come to save Isaac — to save the world — from more than physical death. Isaac was a prophecy in action, whose life pointed to the Messiah. This moment in his life, carefully chosen by God to illuminate His will, revealed to Abraham in a personal way the coming of Christ — the pain He endured, the heartache He suffered, the sacrifice He made, and ultimately, the joy of the salvation He brought.

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