Storming the Gates of Hell

“What if the armies of the Lord picked up and dusted off their swords, vowed to set the captives free, and not let Satan have one more? What if the church, for heaven’s sake, finally stepped up to the plate, took a stand upon God’s promise and stormed hell’s rusty gates?” BAM. That’s where it’s at. Casting Crowns nailed it again.

“On this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not overcome it.”Matthew 16:18

Gates don’t move; they are defensive, not offensive. So who’s on the offense here? THE CHURCH.


Too often we become complacent within the comfort of our little Christian bubble, waiting around for Satan to attack and hoping we have the strength to fight back. Or we hide, hoping he can’t find us if we separate ourselves from the temptations of the world. What’s up with that? God has not given us a spirit of fear but of POWER! He has given us the authority to trample and overcome the enemy and NOTHING can harm us!

Where is our courage? Where is our strength? It’s been promised to us if we reach out and claim it! We’ve traded our armor for tolerance and called it peacemaking, but I can promise you that pacifism never leads to peace. If we don’t man up and go to war against Satan for the kingdom and cause of Christ, the condition of this world will be anything but peaceful.

Behind those gates are prisoners of war — fellow human beings who have fallen prey to the lies of Satan. It’s up to us to set them free, but while we sit ineffectively in our pews smiling and ignoring the spiritual battle raging around us, time is running out.  Jesus promised that His church could overcome the gates of hell, but how are we going to overcome unless we first attack? WAKE UP! Reset your focus and reorder your priorities. We need to stand together, stand our ground, and storm the gates of hell. And we will NOT be overcome.

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