The Strengthening

I am collapsed on the ground, unable to move. My whole body aches. I have no strength to rise, no willpower to go on. I am drained, helpless, used up.

I had thought I could take on the world. Invincible, I called myself. But invincible had turned out to be only a meaningless word used by the weak to feign strength. “Invincible” had only brought me to my knees. Utterly alone, feeling as though my life was completely up to me, I had felt that I needed to prove something by my self-sufficiency. I had thought I could take on the world, but instead I had taken a beating. I said I was invincible, and the world laughed. I stood tall, and it towered over me. I fought, and it crushed me. And now here I am, weaknesses exposed, insecurities revealed, frailty highlighted by failure.

I can’t bear for anyone to see me like this, at my lowest point, hardly caring whether I live or die — though if I were honest, I would have to confess I wished for death as I felt myself begin to fall.

But death was not part of His plan for me. My failure marked not the end, but the beginning of Life. For as I kneel here in despair, helpless and alone, I feel Him gently cup His hand underneath my chin and lift my head to meet His steady gaze. “Stand to your feet, my child,” He said tenderly, “for those who hope in Me will renew their strength. You will soar on wings like an eagle. You will run and never grow weary; you will walk and not faint. For I was nailed to a cross, helpless, so you could be free. I chose not to move so that you could. And invincible is possible when your strength comes from Me.”

I feel life begin to return to my paralyzed limbs, and I am awakened to a sense of determination I have never felt before. Renewed by His power, infused with His might, confident now and sure-footed, I take my first step with Him. And suddenly, holding His strong hand, I realize that maybe I was never alone after all.

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