The Comforting

My eyes are red-rimmed and blinded by gathering tears. My whole body shakes with the intensity of grief. My life is shattered and my world turned upside down; my heart is broken, and it feels like my body is barely holding itself together. I have never known such pain. I cannot move, cannot breathe, cannot think.

Oh God, how can You let this happen? I try to scream at the heavens, but I have not the strength. All I can do is whisper, straining for every word. If You love me, how can You just watch as I fall apart? Why don’t You stop it? Oh God, I’ll do anything, anything, if You’ll only stop the pain. It’s squeezing my heart, wrenching my stomach, tearing me apart.

The world is no longer turning; there is no sense of time. The tears had no beginning, and they will have no end. There is only now, an eternal moment of agony such as I have never felt.

But my tears never reach the ground; they land in the steady, outstretched palm of Jehovah-Ropheka. He holds not only my tears, but also His own. I am not alone in my suffering, for as His tear-filled eyes meet mine, I know He understands the pain. And the peaceful knowledge that I am understood quiets my tormented spirit and calms the raging storm in my heart.

With His thumb He gently wipes the bitter tears from underneath my eyes and smiles a sad smile. “Don’t cry, daughter.” His voice is soothing, like a steady rain. “The old has passed away; there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain. For I will be your shepherd; I will lead you to springs of living water. And I will wipe away every tear from your eyes.”

As He holds me, the tears that come are no longer of despair but of healing and renewal, for He has replaced sorrow with hope. I am comforted as I rest in His arms, knowing that there will be a better day, for He is making all things new.

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