Psalm 27

Character revelation from Psalm 27:

Verse 1 — God is my light. He has nothing to hide and hides nothing from us, and He illuminates our path.

Verse 1 — God is my salvation — not only has He rescued me for eternity, but every day He saves me from my own choices and from the attacks of Satan.

Verse 1 — God is my stronghold. The image of a fortress or stronghold is detached from the battle, impenetrable. This metaphor goes beyond security — it suggests a rock-solid wall of protection between us and the world, separating us from the enemy.

Verse 4 — God is beautiful. This one sounds a little weird at first, since society has taught us to view beauty a certain way. But God is the One who created beauty, and He is the personification of beauty. He attracts and keeps our attention. His holiness is stunning and truly amazing to behold.

Verse 5 — God keeps me safe — He provides security.

Verse 9 — God is my helper. When I lack strength, He makes up the difference. He is always by my side to help me through the day and to lift me up when I fall.

Verse 10 — God receives me. He provides the acceptance and affirmation we all long for.

Verse 11 — God leads me in a straight path — this signifies both direction and guidance.

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