Wait for Me

I have waited for you forever. Since the day I set Creation into motion, I awaited your lifetime with bated breath, eager to see my unique design for you personified. At the moment of your conception I began to form the pattern that I had in mind for you since time began. Each day of those nine months was filled with eagerness and anticipation. The day you were finally born, the sight of your face brought tears to my eyes. I had made you, and you were perfect.

But the waiting period was not over; in a sense it had only begun, and the true test of my enduring love was yet to come. You see, I made you with a mind of your own, because I wanted you to choose me, the way I chose you. When you didn’t, it nearly broke my heart. Yet I waited endlessly for you to come to me, and as I waited, still I loved you.

Yet in moments of anger you turn away from me. When times get hard, you refuse to trust me. If your prayers seem to go unanswered, you assume I’m not listening. You impatiently demand of me things that will only hurt you, and you refuse to believe that the plan I’ve had for you all along is perfect for you.

Please, I only ask that you wait to see its fulfillment in your life. For thousands of years I have waited for you, and still you think I’ll leave you? Beloved, have I not proved my faithfulness? Don’t give up or turn your face from me in despair. Wait for me, as I waited for you.

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