screw the system, I’m playing by God’s rules

We live in a system.

A system that dictates our every move.

That defines our every goal.

From the day we’re born, our lives are mapped out by the expectations of society. If you don’t start kindergarten when you’re five, you’ll always be a grade behind and everyone will think you’re stupid. If you don’t go to college, you won’t get anywhere in life. If you don’t have a car, you won’t have a life. You do what the system tells you to do, when the system tells you to do it. You say what the system tells you to say. You buy what the system tells you to buy. And pretty soon….

You look just like the system.

At Passion2012, Louie Giglio said some things that really stuck with me. “We let the system dictate the course of our lives,” he began. “You say, ‘Oh, my life will start when I finish grad school.’ But you don’t have to wait to do something amazing for God. What’s keeping you from pursuing His plans for you? Are you waiting for the system to tell you when to do it?”

That hit me pretty hard. And then it made me a little bit sick. I wanted to stand up and say “Forget college, I’m not letting the system define me. I’ll go do something awesome like fight sex trafficking in India.”

But… I didn’t.

Why didn’t I?

Is it because I’ve conformed too much to the pattern of this world? I hope not.

I can make all sorts of excuses, but when it comes down to it, I’m a stamp on the time card of the system. But it’s time to change that.

No, I’m not quitting college to do something drastic. Now that I’m here, I feel like I have a reason to be here.

So instead, I’m going to do something drastic right here in college. All those projects that I’ve said I’ll do “someday”? TODAY is someday. I’m not waiting around. If I don’t have it in me to change the world now, I’m not going to change the world when I’m 25 and have a doctorate degree.

And who says I have to find The One and settle down after my senior year? Who says I need a career? Once I graduate, I’m done playing by the rules. And the big bad system can deal with it, because I wasn’t made to fit the mold. I was made to reflect the image of God.


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  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Isn’t there a movement coming with us young Christians that are after the heart of God much more the system of religion! I’m ready!!!

  2. Very well put. College is a great experience and an education is never something to take lightly. I wish I’d finished college when I had the chance (who knows, maybe I’ll go back someday). At the same time, an education isn’t everything, either. I’m pretty sure when we all get to heaven God isn’t going to quiz us on American economics or advanced trig. I’m glad you’ve got the right focus – on God – and I pray believing that He is going to use you in a mighty way!

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