i stopped playing by the rules…what’s next?

In one of my recent posts, “screw the system, i’m playing by God’s rules”, I talked about the way we let the system define what we do with our lives.

Turns out I meant it even more than I thought I did.

Because less than a week later, it hit me: I had to change majors.


When I started college, I circled vaguely around what I wanted to do with my life. I have a passion for relationships, so I thought I might try psychology and go into counseling. But I got a couple classes into it and decided it wasn’t for me.

I thought about doing youth ministry, but of course there are all those questions like, “Is there even a job market for a girl in youth ministry? Would I make enough money to support myself?”

I finally settled on English. That way, I could get my doctorate and teach writing in college and still be in a position to build relationships with students. I contented myself with knowing I could do volunteer work with youth ministry “on the side.” It made the most sense.

But, as I’ve discovered, when God writes your life story, common sense does not always have the final word.

And God cannot be an “on the side” project for me.

So it’s going to be youth ministry.

Is there even a job market for a girl in youth ministry? Good question. I guess I’ll find out.

Will I make enough money to support myself? I guess I’ll ask God to provide, and see what happens.

At Passion 2012, Louie Giglio asked, “What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the system to tell you when to do what you want to do?”

The answer is no.

No I’m not.

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