the answer to life, the universe, and everything

Of all the promises in the Bible, I think the one that keeps me going most often is one found in the little book of Zechariah, in the Old Testament and easy to miss amid all the “boring” reading of the minor prophets.

But it’s the answer to every question. Every complaint. Every cry.

Not by might. Not by power. By my Spirit.

When I’ve done all I can do and I’m completely exhausted. When I’ve poured myself into someone emotionally and I’m utterly spent. When I think there’s no way I can keep going.

Not by might. Not by power. By my Spirit.

When I mess up time and time again and wonder why I try.

Not by might. Not by power. By my Spirit.

When I’m hurt. When I’m tired of waiting. When I don’t understand.

Not by might. Not by power. By my Spirit.

It’s amazing. It’s unbelievable. It provides me with an intensity and a determination I could never have on my own.

Ephesians 1:19 says that the same power that raised Christ from the dead is at work in us. If we just reached out to tap into that incredible power, what could we not accomplish? Where our humanity limits us, God goes above and beyond.

When I can’t keep going, He can. When I don’t have the words, He does. On my own, I won’t get far. But if I put my hope in Him, I will “mount up on wings like eagles; I will run and not grow weary, I will walk and not faint.”

Relying on my own strength, I’ll never make it.

Relying on Him, I’ll never be overcome.

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  1. I think a fresh reading of Zechariah might be in order for me…

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