I Love These Guys…

Nasser Najjar has got to be the most precious, sincere, encouraging guy I know. A few days ago I ended up doing laundry for the guys because they didn’t have access to the washer/dryer that was in the girls’ cabin. When I carried their laundry bag back to my cabin and started putting clothes in the washer, I noticed a note that was placed on top. It read, “Babe, thank you so much for doing this for us! It is such an amazing blessing to have you as sister and friend, and we just want to encourage you to keep being awesome! :D. Love, all of your brothers.” Nasser had written it, and each of the guys had signed it. It brought such a huge smile to my face!

Then last night, Nasser announced that all the guys had put the girls’ names in a hat and drew one out to write a note of encouragement to that girl. Mine was from Colin, and it was so sweet and thoughtful and encouraging. One thing he said in the note really spoke to where I need to be right now — it said, “Seek the things of God intimately and let the rest pan out.”

I love these guys so much. They are all such awesome servant-hearted leaders, and when I’m around them I never have to be concerned about what they think of me, or what their motives or intentions are. There are just a couple other things I want to mention…

Caleb Krebs is one of the most unselfish people I have ever met. Whenever anyone needs anything, he’ll step up and do it, no questions asked, even when it’s something ridiculous. I was all accessorized in turquoise yesterday, so when he came into breakfast wearing his turquoise cap-sac, I was like, “Caleb, I wanna wear your hat!” I was mostly teasing and expected him to say no, but without a word he took it off, handed it to me, and went to get a different hat. Later in the evening we all went to Sweet Cece’s, and I was following him. When we got there, he parallel parked on the side of the street and I was like, “No way am I doing this!” So I just got out of the car and was like, “Caleb, can you pleeeease park my car for me?” He didn’t make fun of me for driving like a woman or tell me I needed to learn to park. He just got in my car and parked it for me.

While we were all hanging out outside of Sweet Cece’s, Jake and Nasser were competing to see who could throw Seth up in the air farther. Then Nasser was like, “Hey Lauren, I wanna see how far I can throw you!” So he picked me up under the arms and threw me in the air like I was 5 years old, and I screamed with a mixture of terror and delight like I was 5 years old. And then Kendall wanted to try it too, and it was just awesome, immature, harmless fun. I honestly can’t think of any other guys that I have ever trusted this much or felt this comfortable around.

And, last but not least, the little mister Seth Reyes. Seth is 8, and he’s like the pet of the summer staff. He is totally gentlemanly, totally cool, and just pretty much ridiculously awesome. The other night he came and sat with me at dinner, and his big brother Caleb was sitting on his other side. I dropped my knife on the floor by accident. Caleb and I constantly irritate each other by stealing each other’s food, giving each other our trash, etc., so I decided to be a smart aleck and reach over and grab the knife that was on his plate to use it. What I didn’t realize was that it was actually Seth’s knife that they were sharing. When I took the knife, Seth looked at me with those dark brown liquid eyes and said, “I’m done with it, so you can have it!” Of course I was mortified and everyone at the table burst out laughing, but he was just so sincere and simplistic about it and it was adorable!

There is such a sense of community and support here. I love each one of my coworkers, especially these guys who are often a lot more thoughtful than we girls give them credit for. I’m so blessed by my Christian brothers!

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