“Katie! Katie, I can’t hear you!” I hesitated, not sure what to do. I adjusted my blindfold and took a tentative step forward.

“Take a step to the right!” a girl’s voice shouted. Was it Katie? I wasn’t sure. They sounded alike from 15 feet away.

“Katie, is that you?” I called. I stepped to the right and ran into a tree. Then I heard my name.

“Lauren, keep coming forward!” More confident now recognizing her voice, I took a few steps forward, straining to hear her next instructions. “Duck down a little…now step over a rope…”

When I finally made it to the other side and removed my blindfold, I looked back at the minefield and high-fived my partner who had guided me across by shouting instructions over the voices of 5 other people.

Once we had all made it through the minefield, Andrea told us why we had done that particular activity as a team. “Life is a minefield,” she explained, “And we have so many different voices shouting at us. Sometimes they just make it difficult to hear over the noise, but sometimes they can sound deceivingly alike. To make it across the minefield, you had to know your partner’s voice and trust that they would get you across. In life, we have all kinds of voices shouting at us: parents, peers, teachers, the media. But there is only One person whose instructions are meant exactly for you and for your unique situation. Only One voice is going to get you across the minefield.”

The minefield was one of many team-building games we played our first day of training at Deer Run, but to me it was the most powerful. I had just experienced the awkward feeling of standing there, unsure where to go or whether I should move until I was sure I heard Katie’s voice, so with the memory of those feelings fresh on my mind, the application truly moved me.

God, where do I go when I can’t hear You? There are some times when all I can do is wait in the silence, trying to block out the other voices, becoming frustrated and scared when I can’t make out Your voice. But in the end, two things will get me across: I have to know Your voice, and I have to trust that You will lead me safely through life on the path that You have planned for me.

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