Low Ropes and Leadership

On Monday, Grant and I worked together facilitating low ropes for the Grace Chapel youth group. The first few initiatives that we did were frustrating because we had 4 girls and 4 guys, and getting them to work together was like mixing oil and water. When we did the Rapid River, they kept leaving their blindfolded people behind because they refused to hold hands or touch each other. At one point a blindfolded guy asked the girl before him, “Where are you?” She answered shortly, “Right in front of you!!” as if she didn’t realize that he didn’t know where “right in front of him” was.

One thing, though, really hit me. This one little dude was the leader of the group, and at the end he unknowingly did something really powerful. The girl behind him was blindfolded, so when he put one foot on the bank, he was like, “Let me scoot the block closer to you so you can reach it.” I made sure to take note of it and bring it up in the debriefing.

Leaders don’t leave behind. If you’re leading and you look behind you and there’s no one there… you’re not really leading at all. Leaders keep track of those following them and bridge the gap to bring them to where they need to be.

On an unrelated note, today was the first time I facilitated the Leap of Faith for a group of middle and high schoolers, which was super rewarding. One girl cried, but she did it! The other one that stood out to me was this one little dude who started getting terrified halfway up and saying he wanted to come down. I convinced him to take “two more” steps, and slowly but surely he made it to the top and sat on the platform. When he had reached the ground, one of the older guys came over and gave him a big hug. I was unfastening the carabiners on his harness, so I heard as the other guy whispered in his ear, “You did so great! I’m so proud of you.” It was such a sweet moment to see the gentle affirmation of the other guy as the climber, legs still shaking, grinned from ear to ear. And then it hit me — I get to do this all summer long.

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