stop talking and do something about it.

Up front I would like to apologize…or, NOT apologize… for the black-and-white nature of this post. Yes, I’m an idealist, and I’m sure you have very convincing arguments for why this should not apply to you, but when I get passionate about something, this is how I roll.

Talk is cheap. Especially in a country where we have freedom of speech. What does it cost you to post a facebook status against abortion? Or picket a clinic? Nothing. So talk about it all you want, but what are you going to DO about it? Argue against it, but nobody’s listening. Why should they? Everyone knows talk is cheap.

We can’t believe nobody did anything to stop the Holocaust, but do we have any room to talk? I’m sure there are people who disagreed with it, like we disagree with abortion. But what are you going to DO about it?

As Christians, our mission is to reflect God to the world. We love, because He loved us. We serve, because He came to serve. We forgive, because He forgave us.

And He also adopted us.

Just saying.

If you hate abortion, stop talking and do something about it.

What would it look like if we stopped talking and started DOING? If we imitated Christ, letting our actions speak for themselves instead of trying to persuade people with clever rhetoric? Scripture makes it clear that the world notices how we live.

“They may be won over without words by your behavior…” (1st Peter 3:1).

“By this everyone will know you are my disciples, if you love one another” (John 13:35).

“Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16).

“Live such good lives among the pagans that … they may see your good deeds and glorify God” (1st Peter 2:12).

What would it look like if the body of Christ came together to give these children LIFE? What an incredible testimony that would be!! What if, instead of picketing abortion clinics with signs that say “God hates abortion” we had signs that said “I want to help”?

We have a day once a year where we go without talking to “speak for those without a voice.” But if they could talk, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t say, “Speak up for me.” They would scream, “SAVE ME!”

We tend to like the theoretical a lot better than we like the practical. You see, we can talk about loving others all we want, but when it comes down to doing something crazy, we want to back out — we don’t have enough money to adopt because we’d really rather have a new car, or we’re afraid of adopted kids turning out badly (good thing God didn’t use that excuse). But wars have never been won by rhetoric — they’re won by action. So if you hate abortion, stop talking and do something about it.

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  1. I am not a Christian but I whole-heartily believe in talking transferring into action. We need to both talk and act. One shouldn’t exist without the other. Talk is the plan; it explains what we wish to accomplish, it help us to relate and assure we are on the same page. Action is the plan coming to life; it shows we believe in what we say enough to die to make it a reality. I am a believer in prochoice so I believe people should have the choice to choose but they should be informed of the consequences of their choices. A world that acts will be better than a world the just talks, but a world that talks and matches it with action would be a utopia!!!!

    • Good thoughts! Thanks so much for sharing. I loved how you mentioned that talking & acting should go together — very good point. Thanks for reading!

      • No thank you for being a person that is willing to take action. For not being afraid to call people out. We need more people willing to be disliked to be more respected. Popularity is overrated. So thanks for being willing to stand up and challenging everyone who is sitting down!!!!

  2. So if you hate abortion, stop talking and do something about it.

    Oh I do. I vigorously oppose the campaign to take away womens rights. Here and in meatspace.

    Oh, and that would be opposing the religiously/morally deluded individuals like yourself.

    Hey, I am doing something! Thanks for the post.

    • That’s exactly why I’m not advocating “taking away women’s rights” but rather offering an alternative. Laws against abortion would only result in black-marketed abortions. That’s why something else — like adoption — must combat it.

  3. *FIST PUMP! nothing to add here.

  4. What a messy solution… what a beautiful mess to risk ourselves for others… thanks for this.

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