Choir at Grace Chapel is:

  • Not having practice this week due to sickness and everything still coming together perfectly at the last minute because
  • Looking over at Jonathan’s contagious smile and not being able to stop smiling/laughing with legit joy at the way he leads us in worship
  • Seeing my church family totally engaged in worship: eyes closed, hands raised, rejoicing in the love of their Creator
  • BEING totally engaged in worship
  • Following the Spirit’s lead, even if it means singing a song we haven’t practiced or going overtime by 10 minutes
  • Community amid diversity
  • Hanging out in the consecration room eating breakfast together
  • Sharing tic-tacs after breakfast, before second service, because we all have coffee breath
  • Chilling with cool guys like David who play a turquoise electric guitar
  • Having a choir director who is not afraid to leave the choir to go pray with someone who needs it and
  • Being totally fine because it’s really more about the Spirit anyway
  • Those moments when the drummer and guitarists start having a lot of fun, and you can’t help but laugh because they are so enjoying the gift of music that God has given us
  • Passionate
  • Joyful
  • Spirit-led…ALWAYS

I love my church. So much.

If you wanna listen to some awesome live worship music, check out today’s video at

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