broken and bleeding




This is our world.

This is US.

This is everything we touch…

…including the Church.

Shreds of her once-white wedding gown litter the earth and mix with the dirt until one can hardly tell the difference between cloth and mud. Between politics and peace. Between culture and Christianity.

Where has she gone, this beautiful bride of Christ? She has torn herself apart. She has decided that, indeed, the eye does not need the hand nor does the head need the feet. She has dismembered herself.

The fingers try to heal themselves without the hand. The hand seeks wholeness without the arm. But there is no unity to be found, for we have severed ourselves from the lifeblood of the heart. It pumps alone, calling, calling the body back to itself.

At this point, is it about the presence of Christ in communion? Instrumental music? Baptism? Different cultures? Different races?

No, it’s about none of that.

It’s brokenness that no band-aid can fix.

Christ alone can heal the divide.

But there is only One heart for one body, and we must come together to find it.

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