i’ll abandon my defenses, and live to love again.

For years I’ve been guarded, for years I have fought,

But that which I battled was that which I sought.

I’m always aware of the way that I stand

(For the way I present myself says who I am):

Hands on my hips, feet planted firm on the floor,

I’m prepared for the battle, but alone in the war.

With a sword of indifference and wit like a knife,

My fierce independence is my shield — is my life.

I hide behind big words when I’m speechless

And because I’m afraid of you, act like I’m fearless.


If I didn’t have to prove that I’m good enough,

Smart, independent, self-sufficient and tough,

If I could be open and honest and real

And forego this facade to explain how I feel,

It would be so much easier if I could just say

In an innocent, immature, little kid way

With a strawberry blush and cheeks growing hot,

That I want you, and need you, and like you….

…a lot.

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  1. Excellent poem. True love will require no proof, there is no proof to show, it already knows. Good post.

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