Seven Little Blessings: or, That One Time I Blew a Tire

My 2013 New Year’s resolution was going to be to learn how to change a tire.  I figured it would be a handy skill for a woman to have, so that I would never up standing awkwardly on the street corner after dark in December, watching dozens of heartless people pass me by, with no idea what to do and looking like a total diva.  Like I did tonight.

I called my brother.  While I was waiting for him to get there, I called my mom to whine about it.  I always call her when I have something to whine about.  Unhappily stuck in Nashville with my sister’s flea-bitten cat who also won’t stop whining, I literally called my mom four times today to whine about stuff.  I don’t know why she puts up with it.  “I can’t freaking afford a new tire,” I whined.

“Well, you’re not out of college yet, so new tires aren’t your responsibility,” she assured me.

“You made Charity pay for hers when she was in high school.”

“Well, that’s because she was being careless.”

There was a pregnant pause. “I hit a curb,” I said.

“Oh. Then yes, it’s your responsibility. Be glad you’re working this week?”

There was another long pause as I tried hard not to snarl, “I’m not glad I’m working this week. I’m tired of sleeping alone on a couch with a flea-bitten cat, and I’m the only college student on planet earth who’s not tweeting happy things about families and Christmas movies. I’m poverty-stricken, angry at the world, and I just want to come home.”  Instead, I said, “Yeah. It’s cool.”

Because the truth is, as irritating and untimely as this incident was, there were numerous little blessings that made it more than bearable.  First, I am glad I’m working this week.  There are a lot of people who would kill for a job right now.

Second, I was in a good area of town.  That may seem silly, but I didn’t have my pepper spray with me, and being alone, it was nice to feel safe.

Third, my brother and his friend came to help me out because I had no clue what I was doing.

Fourth, I happened to have all my coats in my car because I hadn’t bothered to unpack yet, so I didn’t have to freeze on the side of the road.

Fifth, even more ridiculous and due to some strange circumstances, I had my old pair of Converse in the car as well, so I didn’t have to get my new tan boots dirty.

Sixth, I had two plates of Christmas cookies in the car to share with my brother and his friend as an expression of my undying gratitude.

And seventh (that perfect Biblical number), I actually completed my New Year’s resolution 15 days early.

It’s the little things sometimes, but even through such a ridiculous situation it seems like God had equipped me with everything I needed and took care of me, providing me with numerous blessings for my convenience.  I trust Him to take care of the big stuff, but tonight was like the icing on the cake, like the husband who not only provides for his wife, but brings her flowers.

Sometimes it’s the little things for which I am most grateful, because they remind me that although my God rules the universe, He’s not too busy to pay attention to me.  He’s not too busy to go above and beyond for me.  He’s not too busy to remind me that He cares.

And I’m thankful.

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