Understanding God’s Will for George Zimmerman

As usual, I didn’t even have to check news sources for myself.  When I got home from work, all my facebook friends had posted the verdict on Zimmerman along with their own emotional commentary.  Here’s just a sample from facebook and twitter:


Black, White, Asian, Latino, Red, or Purple. No human being should have their life taken away from them, and justice not served for them. The court system did not serve justice, a mother buried her son and a man killed a teenage boy. What part of that is right! To be honest, excuse my language, that verdict was fucking bullshit!

If Zimmerman is killed, I would not be happy because I want him to suffer!

God has a plan for Zimmerman, don’t you worry about that!! Karma is a bitch!!

So if we kill Zimmerman we innocent right?

He has to live with that lie in him for the rest of his meaningless life.


Okay, so come to think of it, I’m not sure I saw one post agreeing with the outcome.

But here’s the thing: Everyone’s picking sides based on their personal opinion, but the truth is that only Zimmerman knows what happened that night. So because we don’t have the facts, let’s withhold our judgments and simply pray. Pray for Trayvon Martin’s family, of course. But also for Zimmerman. If guilty, then for a change of heart. If innocent, for his safety and the strength to live with this stigma for the rest of his life.

Although acquitted, Zimmerman will never be a free man. Whether it was self-defense or not, he will always be “the man that killed Trayvon Martin.” He will always be looking over his shoulder for some crazed gunman who wants revenge. He will live with fear, guilt, and the excruciating emotional pain that comes from being misunderstood. He used to be defined as a husband and a friend. Now his identity is “murderer.” He is a marked man, and he will suffer.

And if it was indeed cold-blooded murder, we can’t fight violence with violence. We can’t erase hatred with more hatred. Jesus called us to another way altogether.

This is when it gets hard to love.

But we’re called to love, even when it’s not easy.

Those tweets and facebook posts, there’s no love. There’s just vicious anger. They may appear to be about justice, but they’re not; they’re about revenge.

There’s a couple in particular I have to call out.

First, Zimmerman’s life is not meaningless. No one’s is. Ever.

Second, God does have a plan for George Zimmerman, and it has nothing to do the bitchiness of karma.

Bitterness and hatred and revenge and death are NEVER God’s plan, no matter the circumstance.

God’s plan for George Zimmerman is repentance. It’s forgiveness. It’s healing and restoration and relationship. It’s the same plan that He has for you.

Whether it was self-defense or murder — we’ll never really know — God’s heart broke that night. For His beloved child Trayvon Martin. For His beloved child George Zimmerman. For all of America and the racial tension this created. For this entire broken world and the pain and the suffering and the needless tragedy.

Whether it was self-defense or murder — Zimmerman is not the enemy. There’s something far bigger at play here. “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Eph 6:12).

Don’t be angry. Conquer with love.


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  1. Good commentary, sweetie!

  2. As a Christian, I wonder what others would think of me if I used gutter language like, Fornicate Under Carnal Knowledge? Would this be something Jesus would say? Do I enhance my position as a child of the King by injecting the septic tank language used by society today? Should I rise above that, or, is there a message of hypocrisy?

  3. i like it!!! alot!!!! not many people think like this!!!

  4. I think she was just repeating what someone posted on twitter or facebook to give us an idea of how people were commenting hatefully. I like what was said about praying for both families, about not fighting violence with violence, about how God’s heart broke that night. Those are some of the best comments I’ve heard thus far….

    • Thanks Mikki! Yes, that’s what I meant — I changed the quotes to italics to try and distinguish it a little more. The reason I left the quotes unedited is because I wanted the shock value to be felt. I’m not sure about all of them, but I know that at least a few of them were posted by Christians.

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