Quotes on Preaching

The following is a selection of quotes collected from Ken Durham, Professor of Preaching at Lipscomb University, collected over the past semester.


“The preacher’s number one job is to love his or her people.”

“Not all sermons call for baptism or membership — they might call you to praise aloud, or to fall on your knees, or to write your Congressman.”

“If the text doesn’t take you there, think long and hard about arriving at a different destination.”

“Preach a sermon as wide and deep and broad as the gospel itself.”

“If you’re boring people with your preaching, you’re not preaching Scripture right. It’s far too vast and deep for us ever to be bored.”

“If we are to be taken seriously in the pulpit, we must be consistent in everything from ‘I’ll meet you for lunch at 12’ to ‘I’ll pray for you.’ Make a commitment now to be a person of honor, a truth-teller, a promise-keeper.”

“We find the greatest clarity in the face of Christ.”

“Are we willing to let our hearts be broken for the sake of the people we serve?”

“Redemption can be invasive and convicting.”

“The best preaching you will ever do comes out of your own struggle with the Word of God.”

“The best communicator is he or she who turns ears into eyes.”

“Passion is expensive. It’s more than an emotion — it’s a sacrifice, a gift of great value.”

“We are not just called to tell the story. We are called to BE the story.”

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  1. I just love these quotes. He certainly waxes eloquent! Thanks for this post. (My blog recommended I read this!)

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